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"Enoch and the Rapture"



The ascension of Enoch up to heaven has long been thought to be a type of the rapture of God's people at the end of the age. 

The following is my response to an email sent to me asking me about when Enoch was born and how it relates to the rapture.


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Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 8:46 AM
Subject: Rapture Question

Dear Dean,

You have a very interesting site;  I believe we are in a time when many hidden secrets are being revealed to the body of Christ.  Thank you for your work.  I feel I could spend hours and hours on your site.

I read your answer to David concerning the rapture, but just as a thought have you calculated the date when Enoch was taken up?

Also as I read  your dates, I have trouble being able to follow certain things;  what particular corresponding date of the start of the 7 year world wide famine?

Thank you and thanks for all your research and time. 


(My response to the above email:)



I am not sure what you mean by "which particular corresponding date of the start of the 7 years..."
The time frames I use on the website show how that a day represents a year and that from the seven-year famine of Joseph in 1878-1871 BC unto the fall of Israel and Judah are 3.5-years of years (1290 years), and that this intersects literal days (1290 days) at the time of Joseph's famine and the fall of Jerusalem, and that this pattern continues right on into the future with another 1290 + 1290/1260 years, etc.
The date for when Enoch arose to heaven using the max. creation date of 4305 BC (spring), is 3318 BC.
4305 BC less Adam to Enoch's ascension equals 3318 BC. He was born 3683 BC.
The dates for his birth and death do not appear to be that significant, although from his birth in 3683 BC to his ascension in 3318 BC "in the AD mirror", (that is symbolic AD 3318) are 7000 years, which is an important number in the bible associated with the end of the age, and is similar in pattern to the 3.5 + 3.5-year tribulation period. (See "The BC/AD Mirror".)
Moreover, the middle of his life of 365 years (symbolic of a solar year of 365 days) is 182 or 183 years, which was autumn of 3501 BC or spring of 3500 BC, which is exactly half of 7000 to Christ, etc. (All these dates can be forwarded half-a-year as well. For the half-year difference see
Hope that helps! (Also see my note at end...)


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