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Bible Chronology and numeric patterns from Creation to the Flood--- to the Exodus
Chronology: A,'  'B,' and 'C.'   (and numeric Patterns: D., E., F., G., H.)


Consider the following:

David was 480 days in a foreign land and then became king upon the death of king Saul and army.

1Sam 27:6.

480 years --- flood to Abraham (with NT support).

And, 480 years --- exodus to temple, 1Kg 6:1.

2-years war with house of Saul, and then made king over all Israel.

2Sam 14:28; 15:7.

720 years (two x 360) --- Abraham to exodus.

7, or 7.5 years, until coronation over all Israel.

2Sam 5:5; 1Kg 2:11.

7, or 7.5 years of years, from the flood, (or from the 120 years before it), unto Christ.

See next chart.

290 days to number the people along with 3-days plague.

2Sam 24:8.

290 years --- flood to Abraham (without NT support).


Concerning the 7 years from the flood, note the parallel agreement of the chronological order:

Noah's birth plus the 480 years = 2766 BC, + 7 years of years to Christ.

Or, less 190 or 215 of LXX = 2576 or 2551 BC, + 7 years of years to Christ, as just said in above chart.

Therefore, the above 480 years of Noah, corresponds to the 480 days of David just mentioned, with the next definite period of time that soon followed recorded as either 7, or 7 years until David was made king over all Israel, ---just as there are that many figurative years of years unto the Christ from after Noah's 480 years. (See also the "2-year war" with the house of Saul that occurred during this 7-year period, 2Sam 10,11.)


Compare also the events of Absalom's rebellion where a string of periods of years are given (i.e., 2 + 3 + 2 + 4 years). This pattern of years fits several places in the chronology from the creation as years of years. The solar and 360 calendar's work together. For instance, from Abraham's birth (2166 BC) to Christ's is 6 x 360, but a solar 6 years comes to AD 26, 27 (Christ's ministry).

Consider the following as an example. We start off with the approximate creation point, (the average of the three creations, i.e., 4300, 3900, and Jewish-3761 BC), but then remain fixed thereafter. (Literal years are carried forward with the symbolic day-years. Thus, between Noah's birth and Abraham's, there are about 360 x 3 years, plus 360 x 3 days.) I only submit this for consideration.


Epoch Events Of The Bible Related By Numerical Patterns With That Of David

David Compared With These Epoch Events Using Key Words Or Phrases Answerable To Both

Creation as approx. 3988/6 BC + 2 lunar years (739 day-years), to Noah's birth

(& ---2 Sam 13:23)

The fall of Adam, compared with rape of Tamar. ==>

"Beautiful;" "without blemish;" evil counsel; lust, deception using food; shame, hate, driven out; loss of innocence symbolized by clothing; exile, progression to murder of brother (esp. note 2Sam 14:6-11).

Noah to Abraham = 3 x 360

(& ---2Sam 13:38)

Murder of Amnon, compared with evil Lamech. ==>

(The two 'Lamech's' substitute for each other. Godly Lamech prophecies at Noah's birth of comfort from the curse).

Repeat sin of their father (fore-father); fornication, murder, justification for murder; plea for clemency; turning curse --- exile to their own advantage.

David and godly Lamech both said to be "comforted" in their sorrow (same Heb word).

Abraham to exodus = 2 x 360

(& ---2Sam 14:28)

Absalom's two-step return, compared with Abraham's and Moses' calling out from another land. ==>

In and out of foreign land; fire ruins barely fields for refusal to listen, (i.e., plagues); "will not see my face," nevertheless, did see face again, (i.e., both Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and David, king of Israel).

Exodus (& Canaan entry), to Christ = 4 x 360

(& ---2Sam 15:7 LXX)


Absalom's conspiracy and David's restoration as king, ---with Christ's rejection and glorification. ==>

Two faithful spies are hidden by a women under straw before they return across the Jordan; ark and Israel cross Jordan, ==> occurs in both Canaan entry and with David.

Rejection of true king for a murderer; sorrowing with followers on Mount of Olives; betrayer is a close friend, "better one man die than the whole nation perish;" "strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered;" fickleness of the crowds; unjustly reviled; the hearts of many are revealed; betrayer hangs himself; king's son ("without blemish") hanged on tree and pierced by spear(s) (Christ became a curse for us); first messenger(s) of victory (or resurrection) unclear; King of kings forever.



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