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Bible Chronology and numeric patterns from Creation to the Flood--- to the Exodus
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It may seem strange to link the father of Noah, "Lamech," with the flood, but thematically and numerically, there is a connection. The demonstration of this is very wonderful, so bear with a little background information first.

When Noah (whose name means "rest") was born to Lamech, he uttered this prophecy, "This one shall comfort us concerning our work and concerning the toil of our hands, because of the ground which Jehovah has cursed" (Genesis 5:29). However, how did Noah bring "comfort" against that 'vanity of life' brought about by the curse put on sinful man by God?

The prophecy was fulfilled in that Noah authored a new creation, by condemning the old one by his faith. (He proved his faith by building the ark, Heb. 11:7,8). However, since Noah failed to remove the curse from the "new creation" (for the curse continued into the New World even after the flood), we are made to look for a more complete fulfillment.

Jesus Christ is the fulfillment. He it is that leads us into a "new creation" wherein there is no more curse (to be fulfilled in stages).



Once the apostle Peter asked Jesus, "How often shall I forgive my brother, unto 7 times?" Jesus said, "no, but unto 77 times" (Mat. 18:21,22; the original Greek can also read, "unto 70 x 7" or, 490, see KJV). This was more than a statement of good Christian virtue, it was also a prophecy of God's dealing with man, particularly with Israel "his firstborn" (Jer. 31:9).

These numbers, "7-times," "77-times," and "70 x 7," are found already in the OT, especially in Genesis and Daniel. In Daniel, following the same theme of forgiveness, reconciliation, etc., we are presented with an important prophecy as to when the Messiah would come (Daniel 9). We are told that this would be fulfilled in "70 x 7" years. This 490 day-year figure is further broken down into four segments in the prophecy: 49 + 434 + 3.5 + 3.5 = 490 years. The "3.5 years" is further explained at the end of Daniel where the number 1290 is given us. This '1290' is the "1260" of Revelation. 11:3, except with the intercalary month attached. (The 1260 is 3.5 years of the standard '360' year.) "Seven-times," refers to a full 7-year-period, (3.5 years x 2 of Daniel 9:27), as in Daniel 4:16,29.

This prophecy of the '490' states, "The end will come like a flood," Daniel 9:26, (uttered between the '483' and the remaining '7' of this prophecy).

The above numbers have their origin in the book of Genesis. Lamech was 777 years old when he died. He died 5 years before the flood, and 7 years before his great-grandson, 'Arphaxad.' Arphaxad was born "2 years" after the flood, and was the firstborn in a new earth. Furthermore, Noah was born to Lamech when he was 182 (7 x 26). (Noah's birth is part of another, more obvious pattern, to be explained at another time). That Lamech is descriptive of the number '7,' is further amplified in that the parallel 'Lamech,' born about the same time, also functions on the principle of 7, and 77. We speak of the evil "Lamech," descendent of Cain, "seventh from Adam" (Genesis 4:17-24, cf., Jude 14).

There are two genealogies listing the descendents of Adam. There is the godly line from Seth, and the ungodly line from Cain. All the names of the ungodly descendents from Cain sound alike or are the same as one of the names in the godly line. Thus, there are two "Lamech's." This is what the ungodly Lamech uttered to his two wives:

"I have killed a man for wounding me, a young man for injuring me. If Cain is avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times." (Genesis 4:23b, 24, cf., Jacob, who fled from his murderous twin brother at 77 and worked for two wives for 7 years each, died at 49 x 3 years old, ---70 years after fleeing from his brother and 50 after being reconciled to the same.)

In this context, then, the number '7' signifies complete wrath or mercy shown to another. The '777' of Lamech and related numbers, therefore, signifies the full wrath and mercy poured out at the flood, which in turn is a type of the same revealed in Christ on the cross. No doubt it is for this reason Luke chose 77 names back to "Adam, the son of God," (and 70 to Enoch, see Jude 14), in his genealogy unto Jesus Christ (Luke 3:23-38).

To show the full magnitude of the numbers, we will use all 8 variants, drawing special attention to the special four (as just explained). Here, we will also use the 2-year gap possible at the flood as mentioned earlier (i.e., due to Genesis, 5:32; 11:10, 26).[1]

Therefore, the 8 flood dates, (here listed as in spring), have a minus half-year, or a plus two-year margin (for reasons explained earlier), and are listed in descending order of time. The flood itself lasted one full year. The middle underlined dates are the MT, and beside it the NT, (i.e., the NT is the lesser figure of the two). The outer figures (in blue and in italics w asterisk), are the max and min dates. They are used throughout other documents as those of preference, unless otherwise noted. 


Start of flood









Lamech's birth









Lamech's death









Note that each date of Lamech's death crisscrosses to its mirror date at 4900 years (70 x70 years)

(Note: After the flood, the next major event in God's redemption plan is Abraham and the patriarchs.)

There are exactly 4900 years from Lamech's death to the mirror of his death, for all 8 dates.[2]

{The prophecy of the 490 of Daniel, of course, has its main fulfillment as, "From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, until the Messiah," '…is 483 years and 3.5 + 3.5 years,' (Daniel 9:25), ---starts its countdown from any of four definite decrees. (Scholars argue as to which one of them is correct. Each has something compelling in its favor. However, all four are correct!). We cannot detail now, but briefly for comparative purposes with Lamech…


Average of all four decrees is spring, 490 BC, agreeing w average death of Lamech, spring, 2450 BC (i.e., 490 x 4 apart).

In the following, observe intersecting of last two 3½-year periods, and of 70 & 49-year cycles, all of Daniel 9.

(The following all occur 49 years after siege and fall of Jerusalem in 588-586 BC; Babylon falls, vision's of Daniel, '1st decree' from captivity, temple reconstruction) ==> 539 to 536 BC, + 490 x 2 = AD 442 to 445 (mirror of '4th decree') + 70 = AD 515(6) (mirror of completion of temple & '2nd decree') + 70 = AD 586/5, (mirror of siege, fall of Jerusalem), + 70 x 2 = AD 725 (mirror of siege, fall of northern kingdom of Israel).

(Takes 3½ years to make 2nd temple, w '2nd decree'), 516 BC to 520 BC + 490 x 2 = AD 461- 465, less 3½ years of Daniel 9:27 = AD 458 (mirror of '3rd decree'}



  • All of these 8 x 3 dates are compatible with the traditional Jewish dates of the flood and Abraham and the exodus, both normally and in the mirror. This is primarily so for two reasons:

1) The traditional dates of the 1813 BC birth of Abraham, the 1313 BC exodus, and 1528 BC entry (etc.), have the last digits of '3' & '8' (compare same effect w Lamech to its own mirror).

2) The 138-year gap between the traditional and actual date of Abraham, along with the standard 292 years of the MT unto the flood, create a 430-year period (138 + *292) that causes all other numbers to connect perfectly together. However, this is another branch of study. For now we give but two examples:

The *2648 BC flood + 1335 years (of Daniel 12:12), = 1313 BC (trad. exodus), + 1290 + 1335 more (of Daniel 12:11,12) = AD 1313 (again), + 1335 back to mirror of flood. And, Jewish trad. date of Noah's birth (2705 BC), + 1260 = actual tabernacle date of 1445 BC, and is lunar 3.5 years to the entry (1406 BC).




1.) This '2' years, plus the '1' year of the flood, plus the half-year of the New-Year-switch, form a "time, times, and a half a time," at the flood (i.e., 3.5 years, Genesis 12:7).

2.) Observe the distance between the 8 dates: 60 + 70 + 60 + 25 + 60 + 70 + 60 years. An even set of dates such as we have here, will always have one particular number that goes back unto each and every other date in the mirror because of the normal effect of any mirror. However, this 'one' particular number 'happens' to be highly significant, both here (at Lamech's birth and death) and at the creation. When pondering this 'particular' number, what we are in effect looking at is the average of all 8 dates (or any two of them). However, the many same-type interconnections with these larger numbers reflect the fact of design, and hence, a Designer.


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