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1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 Days

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Numeric Patterns at the Creation

Part 'F'

Bible Chronology and numeric patterns from Creation to the Flood--- to the Exodus
Chronology: A,'  'B,' and 'C.'   (and numeric Patterns: D., E., F., G., H.)



However, what of the other 6 dates? To show their significance we forward the 1656 years of the standard MT from the previous flood dates. (There are no further NT discrepancies to complicate things).


All creation dates are in autumn, BC.
(Can be all forward half-a-year to Spr. 4304 BC, etc...)











  • The positions of all the individual parts of the full 8205 years are often significant, esp. the first (or last) '2300.'
  • The middle two creation dates (4115, 4090) are centered at Christ's birth and death. (Because they too are 8505 years apart, either date will do the same as in the following, except in reverse.)

      4090 BC + 2300 + 490 + 1290 years = 10 BC + same in days = 4, 2 BC, AD 2.

      4090 BC + 2300 + 490 + 1335 years = AD 36 less same in days = AD 30, 29, 25.

  • With the 2 years (as explained in previous section), there is an exact 8200 years from the creation unto its mirror. Recall the 82 days Moses was up the mountain. There was 40 days, + 2 days (in which he breaks the tablets of the law, grinds the golden calf to powder, etc.), plus his next 40 days up the mountain. The middle '2-day' period, therefore, represents Christ as the center of time, ---the revelation of both the grace and wrath of God.

Also see Enoch and the "Rapture"



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