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Bible Chronology and numeric patterns from Creation to the Flood--- to the Exodus
Chronology: A,'  'B,' and 'C.'   (and numeric Patterns: D., E., F., G., H.)


III) Creation Date


When we calculate back to the creation of the world the usual 1656 years (as in the reliable MT), we come to spring, 4304 BC, using the max date.

What is the significance of this date?

Just as 430 years was spent in Egypt "to the very day" (Ex 12:41) until Israel came out of Egypt and its king died, (poetically at least the king of Egypt died, Ex 15:4), even so, there are 4300 years "to the very day," from the creation to the death of king Herod, the latest possible date of when Jesus with Mary came out of Egypt.

"One date that can be fixed with certainty is the death of Herod the Great. Josephus records the events accompanying Herod's end in such a way that the time is unmistakable. The week of the Passover was approaching, a lunar eclipse had just occurred, and the length of his reign is specified. The year 4 BC is definite, and the day, April 4, is highly probable (cf. Matt. 2:19). "Lewis Foster, "T. Exp. B. C. w. NIV," Vol., 1. Pg., 595).

As said, the max creation date is *4304 BC (or, plus half-a-year for the New-Year-switch, ---autumn, *4305), and the min, is autumn, *3900 BC. There are 390 years (see Ezekiel 4) of exile in Egypt unto when Moses thought to deliver Israel, but was forced to flee until 40 more years passed. Interestingly, there was a partial eclipse of the sun on the first day of creation as either 4305 BC, Tishri 1, or 4304 BC, Nisan 1. 

For the basic operation of the other 6 dates for the creation, see "Elementary Patterns At The Creation."




and Conclusion


The reason why traditional Jewish dates for the exodus, flood, and creation differ from ours, is not primarily due to methodology, but rather because they have simply miscalculated the year in which Solomon built the temple, thus altering all subsequent calculations. Their chronology, based upon an ancient but flawed document known as "Seder Olam Rabbah," has the Persian period (which lasted over 200 years) as less than 40 years!

While essentially we follow the same number of years back to the creation as in traditional Jewish chronology, we, however, start from the widely recognized correct date of 966 BC (for Solomon's temple), and arrive at spring, 3899 BC for the min creation date (as based on the MT, in association with LXX and NT). To this we have added the additional 'half-a-year,' (rather than subtracting it as does Jewish tradition), for autumn, 3900 BC. (The max creation date possible is autumn, 4305 BC.) The Jewish traditional date for the creation (3761 BC), serves as an independent third date and third witness to Jesus the Messiah. "In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let everything be established," Deut. 17:6. (By endless strands of subdivision, everything of everything in the numbers MUST follow the principle of "two or three witnesses," otherwise we assume random chance rather than the Sovereign LORD.)

The 'Christian' tradition of 4000 years unto the Christ, is the average of the above three creation dates. All four numbers are from Ezekiel 4, (and much more), on a times-ten level. I.e., 390, 400, 430, and 190 x 2 of the LXX. In addition, all of these numbers occur in the period from Abraham unto when his seed entered the Promised Land.

Jewish tradition makes but one slight deviation from Scripture in their chronology, ---they make Abraham out to be '70' rather than '75' years of age when he received the covenant and call to leave ancient Babylonia, Genesis 12:1-4. This results in an additional 5-year loss (besides the ˝-year already). Our standard chronology, of course, corrects this. Yet interestingly, on the times-ten level (as from the creation just mentioned), 'minus 5-years' converts as 'minus .5 years', agreeing (on a X-10 level) with the purpose of their traditional ˝-years loss already, (i.e., which was to revert to an autumnal creation). Furthermore, if we apply this 5-years loss unto the 4305 BC creation, we instead have 4300 BC (thus retaining the symbolic value of '430'); if to 3900 BC, we have 3895 BC (i.e., still '390,' except now unto the 'mirror' of Christ's birth. ('Mirror' to be explained later.)

Furthermore, from 3895 BC for the creation, less 50 jubilees (or, '490', of Daniel 9:24, times 5), equals 1445 BC (the first 'jubilee-year' after the exodus when Israel should have entered the Promised Land and commenced the jubilee cycles according to the law, Lev. 25, Num. 13, 14). We can repeat this, therefore, using traditional Jewish dates (i.e., 'creation' 3762/1 BC to 'tabernacle' 1312 BC). Moreover, from 3895 BC, there are 80 jubilees to autumn, AD 26 ---when Christ began His ministry.

My guess is that Jewish tradition removed the 5 years from the 505 'true' years (LXX) between Abraham and the exodus in order to procure a 500 and 490-year gap between Abraham's and Sarah's birth (unto the exodus), and 49 jubilees (7 x 7) of 50 years from the creation unto the attempted entry (or tabernacle). Unwittingly, however, they revealed the Messiah to be Jesus of Nazareth since there are 80 jubilees from the corrected date unto when He began His ministry (and therefore, 30 jubilee's from the exodus unto Messiah's ministry at 30-years of age, at which time Jesus fasted 40 days, etc., (Luke 3:23; see 4:18-21).

The number '80' {---Moses, at 80 years of age, was fasting upon the mountain of revelation for (40 + 40) 80 days} --- multiplied by the 49-year jubilee, symbolizes 'the revelation of Messiah with a new covenant of mercy'.

When cycles of 50 years are used (rather than 49), as seems the favored interpretation among traditional Jews (though Scripture favors the synchronal heptad cycles of '7 x 7' Sabbath-years concurrent with the 49-year jubilee cycles, in my opinion, Lev. 25), then the "50th" year includes the previous year too. Hence, even with the current Jewish 3761 BC creation date, there are still 49 jubilees unto 1312 BC ---the year of the traditional tabernacle and would-be entry. The (min) 3900 BC creation, plus 2500 years (50 x 50), brings us to when Israel rested from its 6˝-year Canaanite conquest, according to Josh. 14, the autumn of 1400 BC, and , or, plus half-a-year, too.

The above mentioned 80 jubilees (of the Moses' pattern, i.e., '40 + 40' jubilees), closely divides at Sarah's (min) birth, 1941 BC. Also, the (min) 3900 BC creation date divides at Abraham's (min) birth, 1951 BC, just as the (max) 4305 BC divides at the (max) date for Sarah's birth, 2156 BC. Hence, time is divided along the theme of 'a new creation,' of which Christ is the fulfillment.

Since the 8th day follows the "finished" seven-days of creation, just as the 50th jubilee year is the '8th' year of the concurrent seven-year Sabbath cycles (of the Law), therefore, did Christ also arise from the dead on the 8th day ---the dawning of a new creation. Circumcision, Gal. 6:15, likewise signifies a new creation. ("Jesus" was named on the day He was circumcised, ---a name which adds up to '888,' Luke 2:21; Rev. 13:18-14:1.) Hence, the '80' of Moses symbolizes "a new covenant," ---after they had "broken" the first covenant during Moses' first 40 days up the mountain, Deut. 9-10:11.

Furthermore, (from the Jewish traditional date of 1313 BC), there are exactly 490,000 days (i.e., Daniel 9:24, and, "A day is as a 1000 years," Psa. 90:4; 2Pet. 3:8), from the end of this 80 days of Moses up the mountain, unto the jubilee New Year (Nisan 1) of Christ's resurrection, Passover, AD 30, More than that, according to 'Christian' tradition, this is also the very same date as when Christ BEGAN his ministry as well! (See, "Wycliffe Bible Ency.," Vol. 1., pg. 338.)

It is fitting that the day of writing this is May 1, 1998 ---the 50th jubilee from the birth of Israel as a nation. For God has not forgotten His people ---the physical sons of Abraham. Even their own chronology reveal Messiah, and "tradition" providentially becomes the tool of revelation of Messiah in the numbers …for the 'true' dates are in harmony with those anchored in tradition. Both Jewish and 'Christian' tradition meet together to glorify God and His Christ ---so both are without excuse. For if the blood of Messiah can cover sin, shall we count it strange that His love should cover commutative errors? "For if their rejection meant the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance mean but life from the dead?" (Rom. 11:15). "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God!" (11:33).





1.) The date for the exodus has a built in plus and minus one-year factor (i.e., as between 1447-5 BC). Thus, 1446 BC (the date we use), is central and most likely. The reasons for the gap are:

{Unfortunately, at this point "T.O.B" and "W.B.E.," both depart from straightforward dating methods. On pg. 344, the W.B.E. states, "If Solomon came to the throne in 971 BC, his first year began with the following New Year's Day in the autumn of 970 BC …(therefore), the temple must be dated in the spring of 966 BC." ---But for what reason should we skip a year here ---as if certain that his reign began later than the autumn New Year of 971 BC? Moreover, how confident are we that, in his day, Solomon's reign was reckoned Tishri to Tishri, rather than Nisan to Nisan, ---the New Year used in 1Kg.6:1? (The writer of kings evidently used, "The Annals of Solomon," as his source of information---a book likely preserved from that same period, 1Kg. 11:41.) Hence, if Solomon died 931BC (rather than 930), then, 967 BC is the most forthright temple date and not 966.}

Therefore, 966 or 967 BC, plus 479 or 480 years equals 1447-1445 BC, ---with 1446 BC as both the central and overlapping date. For our purposes, the overriding year of 1446 BC is strictly adhered to unless otherwise noted.

2.) Where God has allowed a variant text to be mingled over the ages with the true (original) to the point that genuine doubt now exists as to the original, we should likewise take the variant text into consideration. That the MT is to be favored over the LXX is obvious. However, since the NT quotes freely from the LXX and uses its chronology above the MT, even so we cannot totally disregard its inferior readings. This, admittedly, is more a statement of faith than science.

The LXX was the commonly read text of the partially hellenized Jewish world of that day. Since the NT greatly uses it, I believe the Holy Spirit is also authorizing its use, but only on this complimentary level. Is it too much to believe that the Holy Spirit providentially allowed the few variants to enter the text to increase the versatility and glory of the numbers?

3.) I consider all other dates aside from the min and max dates for the creation and the flood, to be as the smaller wheels in the cog of God's time clock that lay outside the scope of most future essays. The max and min dates form a fixed perimeter from which we can after many years of experience enter the complex middle ground.

4.) The above variants are related to the four numbers of Ezekiel 4:4-9, but this will prove more evident as we proceed. For example, the '130' is one-third of 390 (MT, Ezekiel 4). The '130' + '60' = 190 (of LXX, Ezekiel 4), and the 215 is half 430 (MT, Ezekiel 4). Their total of '405,' is approx. the round "400 years in Egypt," of Genesis 15:13. (The "400 years," here, is the root of the 430, 390, and 40 of Ezekiel 4.)

Furthermore, the total of '405,' is X-10 the 40 of Ezekiel 4. (There is an exact '40.5' years from Moses attempted deliverance of Israel until the actual. Also, king David, a man in type, similar to Moses, reigned 40.5 years, and from the death of Christ unto the prophesied destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, are 40.5 years.) Also, the LXX variant of '440' from 1Kg 6:1, (i.e., '40-less' than the MT '480,' as discussed at the start of this paper) is therefore similar in meaning as the variant total of '405'. The total '405,' multiplied by 10, is 4050, and is the total of 2300 + 490 + 1260 (of Daniel 8:14; 9:24;12:11, w Rev. 11:3). The significance of the '10-X,' or, '1-10th' ratios of 405 is that they all interconnect with one another as a "wheel within a wheel."

It is possible to use the '1290', rather than its shadow '1260', (1290 has intercalary month), for a total of 4080 years (i.e., 2300 + 490 +1290). The '4,080' would then be 10-times the total variant gap of '408'. A '408-year' gap is the extreme fringe of possibility when using MT in combination w NT. The missing 3 years are calculated as follows: The difference of the "2 years" from Genesis 11:10; Genesis 5:32, and subtract (as Jewish tradition does, see endnote '3'), rather than add the ˝-year-New-Year-switch, ---a full one-year difference. (215 + 60 + 130 + 2 + ˝ + ˝ = 408.)

5.) Repeatedly in Genesis, the first born is set aside and replaced by one of his brothers as elected to continue the lineage in God’s redemptive plan. By this, God illustrates the truth that it is by grace one is called, not of works or human choice. Thereupon, it is right to assume that neither Shem nor Abraham were actually the firstborn but are recorded first in the genealogy to agree with Divine call, not human succession

6.) Observe the distance between the 8 dates: 60 + 70 + 60 + 25 + 60 + 70 + 60 years. An even set of dates such as we have here, will always have one particular number that goes back unto each and every other date in the mirror because of the normal effect of any mirror. However, this 'one' particular number 'happens' to be highly significant, both here (at Lamech's birth and death) and at the creation. When pondering this 'particular' number, what we are in effect looking at is the average of all 8 dates (or any two of them). However, the many same-type interconnections with these larger numbers reflect the fact of design, and hence, a Designer.

The crisscrossing and average of the 'four decrees' of Daniel 9, have nothing at all to do with this 'normal' effect of a mirror. They crisscross, not once but twice, solely by the providence of God. Similarly, their remarkable connection (in actual time) with one another likewise reveals His handiwork.


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