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 Isaiah 7:8



The number 60 appears as the difference between the 430 of Ezekiel 4, and the 490 of Daniel 9. (430 + 60 = 490 [ i.e., 70 x 7]). 

The number '60' is also often found in an interesting relationship with the number 70, either as in overlap as in the just mentioned example, or in addition to each other to form the new number of 130, (60 + 70 = 130). 




The number 130 is the number of imperfection, and often failure or outright curse. The 60 + 70 = 130 pattern therefore implies: "A ('7') perfect ('6') Man under a curse (= '13') taking upon Him our failure/sin," (i.e., Jesus died as our substitute on the cross.) 

The "13th" {13 x 10 = 130}. The "purim", as recorded in the book of Ester, was cast on the 13th of the first month to destroy all Jews, and the curse fell on the 13th day of the last month, and the last month might have been "the 13th month" if that year happened to have been a leap-month year, see the book of Ester. And 13 months on the 360 calendar is 390 days!



The number 130 is also 65 x 2, and "65" is the number of "shattering," (Isaiah 7:8, cf., vs. 4-6, "let us divide [in half], and vs. 16, "before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings will be laid waste;" i.e., 13 years of age is when a Jewish boy had his bar- mitzvah and was held accountable to the Law. Also, the Law was given to Moses on Pentecost, which was the 65th day of the year.) 

The above period prophesied by Isaiah ran from 735 to 670 BC, with the first 13 years of the prediction ending at the destruction of Israel (the northern kingdom, "Ephraim" in 722 BC), and the full 65 years referring to the importation of pagans to occupy the land of Israel (i.e., the later "Samaritans"). The effect of this was that the nation of Israel forever lost her identity. Thus, Israel was "shattered" after "65 years". (Note too,13 x 5 = 65). 

Amazingly, the Northern Kingdom of Israel was a nation from 930 to 735 (65 x 3) to Isaiah's prophecy of the "65 years", plus the 65 more years to 670 BC, a total of 65 x 4 years, (or 130 x 2 years). 

However, 65-more years later (65 x 2 = 130 years from 735 BC to 605 BC), Southern Kingdom of Judah was overcome by the Babylonians in 605 BC, thus fulfilling this remarkable prophecy in a multiple of ways.

And 66 years later, Babylon in turn fell, (539 BC). Hence, from the divided kingdom of 930 BC, till the fall of Babylon and return of Judah from captivity are 390 years (930/929 to 539 BC), fulfilling the prophecy of Ezekiel 4 about the 390 day/years on his side to bear the sins of the house of Israel, (and 390 is therefore, 6 x 65, meaning, "the shattered man/nation." The 390 is therefore also divided in half at 735 BC (i.e., the prophecy of Isaiah and start of Israel's demise), (930 BC, less 3 x 65 years = 735 BC, less 3 x 65 = 539 BC). 


"390" (See "390 days" for more.)

As days, the 390 days is also a full year with the 13th leap month added, (360 + 30 = 390 days). (This becomes significant because a day can equal a year in bible prophecy.)

(As said, the "purim" was cast on the "13th of the first month" to destroy all Jews. And the purim (lot) fell on the 13th day of the last month for the destruction of all Jews, and this 'last month' might have been "the 13th month" if that year happened to have been a leap-month year. See the book of Ester. Also, 13 months on the 360 calendar is 390 days!)

Solomon of Judah began his reign over all Israel 40 years earlier (970 BC), accounting for the full 430 of Ezekiel's prophecy, though much more can be said.

Note: just as 140 is divided by two to make "70" (the number of perfection), even so "130" divided in half makes 65. Each of these are in turn are sub-divided, but this is most clearly seen in the '2300' and the '1260 x 2' of Daniel. And the 2300 days equals a 6.5-year period (with 40 days lacking), the second a 7-year period. (6.5 x 360 = 2340 days; 7 x 360 = 2520, or 1260 x 2 days).



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