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The Temple and 1260 days/years of Bible Prophecy

Temple of Time


Temple of Time

(Based on Exodus 26)

God instructed Moses to build a tabernacle. It was basically a temple-tent where God would meet with his people through the mediation of priests. Moses was repeatedly warned to make sure he followed instructions precisely as given on the mount. The New Testament picks up on this thought and says that the reason it was to be built to exact specification as given was because the tabernacle represented heavenly realities. Much of the book of Hebrews is devoted to this theme, (Heb. 7-10; 11:18-29). 

While there have been thousands of good books written about the symbolic meaning of the tabernacle and its furnishings, comparatively little thought has gone into the symbolism behind the measurements used to construct the tabernacle, (and later, the temple of Solomon). 

Since 1991, I have labored nearly everyday in studying the various numbers in the bible. Several websites are now devoted to those findings. One thing that frequently came to my attention again and again is that the tabernacle/temple measurements had direct parallels to the Bible-Prophecy numbers studied in the bible. I had already concluded that the numbers in the bible were actually part of the workings of God's perfect clock. The numbers were part of God's Bible-Prophecy calendar system. (See ). It is a calendar perfectly accurate, perfectly useable, and perfectly meaningful as it charts time by hour, day, month, year, generation, age, ages, and then forever. The calendar is irrefutable evidence for design in creation, and that Jesus Christ is that Creator. The calendar (and hence all the numbers in the bible) are the revelation of Jesus Christ in time and eternity. Thus, it came as no surprise when I realized that the measurements of the tabernacle/temple were actual physical representations of time, particularly of the earth and moon in their complex orbits around the sun, which creates for us our days, months, years, and seasons.

It is interesting that many (most?) ancient pagan temples were also coordinated with the sun and moon and stars--- perhaps a counterfeit of the true tabernacle we are discussing? Or positively, perhaps, a vestige of a previous God-centered understanding of our cosmos? Many of these temples were used for observing the heavenly bodies, which were a forerunner of our modern science of astronomy.

This is not to imply that the tabernacle was simply another pagan construct of the universe, but rather that these pagan temples were human (and often demonic) attempts to imitate what was to be, and then was, the true representation of the earth, moon, and sun, (and stars?) Our local heavens are, in turn, a type of the highest heavens about which the tabernacle is ultimately symbolic, as the book of Hebrews declares. Hence, the tabernacle is framed after the physical heavens that govern our world, but this in turn is a shadow of the invisible Heaven where God sits enthroned, which Heaven rules over all. 


Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains


Tabernacle: Temple of Time

Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains

The Tabernacle Curtains as 1320 and 1260 sq. cubits
(The tabernacle and the 1260 days of bible prophecy. Also, 1290 and 1335 days and years.)

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