The Temple and 1260 days Bible Prophecy

Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains
and comparing them with Bible-Prophecy time spans


(Chart including brief explanation
 of symbolism of measurements)

(Based on Exodus 26)

Same chart as before, except with terse hints
 about the meaning of each number;
expanded explanations follow.

Cubic-area is symbolic of days and years

Materials used 1st curtain
fine linen
2nd curtain
goats hair
1st covering
red ram-skins 
2nd covering
sea cows
---including folds---
Total of all 4 materials 1320
(curtain and veils)
(44 months)
(44 months)
(as 11 x 480 years 
= 77 years 
 in leap months)
Subtotal 2640
(88 months)
Subtotal 2640
(88 months)

Curtains/coverings only

1120  1320  1320  1320  5080
1270 average per covering, which is 3-years of Hebrew calendar)
Subtotal 2440
1150 + 1290
Subtotal 2640
(88 months)
---not including folds---
Total of all 4 materials 1320
(curtain and veils)
(3-years of 360 cal.)
(3-years of 360 cal.)
(3-years of 360 cal.)
(1260 +1290 average per set, which is a normal 7-years of 360 cal.)
Subtotal 2580
(1290 x 2 = 7 years of 360 Cal.;
 and is 430 x 6)
Subtotal 2520
(1260 x 2 also = 7 years 360 Cal.)

Curtains/coverings only

1120  1260  1260  1260  4900
70 x 70, or, 490 x 10 of Daniel 9
Subtotal 2380
(2300 + 80 days cleansing for a women; or as average of the two, 1150 + 40 for a man!)
Subtotal 2520
(1260 x 2 = also 7 years 360 Cal.)
(Inside) gold-covered wooden paneling 720
(tabernacle is 360 either side, = 2 years)
(creation of man:
 "a thousand years is as a day")
Total of all 5 materials 1320 + 1320 + 1320 + 1320 + 720 = 6000


Leap Months (30 days) Also Depicted

(In the Hebrew calendar, every 2 or 3 years sees two 12th months called, 1 and 2 Adar. The 360 calendar is similar. See for the leap-month inculcating system of the 360 calendar.)

There were two extra wooden panels (a total of 50) that overlapped ("doubled") two corner panels, which, thereby, strengthened the corners of the tabernacle on the north-west and south-west. If we include these two, we must add another 30 to the 720 sq. cubits; (and 6030 sq. cubits becomes the total of all 5 materials).

It happens that there are '30' days in a month within the 360 calendar. Since the basic 720 sq. cubits depict 360 x 2 days (= 720), hence, the extra '30' must depict a leap month. (360 + 390 days = 750 days.)

As said, the tabernacle ("Temple of Time") is patterned after the solar and lunar year. Symbolically speaking, therefore, for its  leap month to be symbolized by partly hidden corner panels (for the purpose of strengthening the tabernacle) fits well with the purpose of a leap month in the 360 calendar: the leap month is an additional hidden month added to the 360 year, and it calibrates ("strengthens") the 360 year to the true solar year. 

Moreover, the curtains and coverings likewise have leap months included in precisely the same way. They are folded back (hidden) within the 11th curtain. (Each of the 11 curtain segments are 4 by 30 cubits, that is, each curtain symbolically represents four months, 4 x 30 days.) As seen in the above table, this hidden fold backwards accounts for the variations of a seven-year period, (representing the seven days of creation)---the 1260 + 1260, 1260 + 1290, and even 1290 + 1290 can all be seven-year periods on the 360 calendar. The slot any given seven-year span falls upon within the ongoing calendar cycles determines how many leap months should be added. And it happens that these 3 'seven-year' periods represent the minimum and maximum lengths possible during any one 'seven-year' period. Hence, tabernacle dimensions signify the 360 calendar both by normal and by leap-month years; and to a lesser extent, even the Hebrew lunar calendar is represented, (see above "5080".)

Importantly, every 6th board fell upon the join of the 3rd curtain so as to divide the curtain into groupings of 3 x 4 x 30, which is 12 months, or 360 days! The is highly significant. 


Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains:
Total material used


Tabernacle: Temple of Time

Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains

The Tabernacle Curtains as 1320 and 1260 sq. cubits
(The tabernacle and the 1260 days of bible prophecy. Also, 1290 and 1335 days and years.)

Comparing Measurements of Tabernacle Curtains
with Bible-Prophecy time spans

Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains: Total material used

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