Bible Prophecy Numbers

1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 Days


The Day God Intended Israel
to Enter the Promised Land

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What do the resulting
 day-count numbers mean?


Day Count 
of Intended Entry into Canaan

(from New Year's day of Exodus,
based upon Numbers 1)

Leave Sinai

Intended arrival day at border of Canaan

3-days rest
(Josh: 3:1-4)

Canaan crossing
(Josh: 3:5)

(Pentecost morning)

Conquest begins
Day 410 420 or1 421  424 425 426

If we add another 40 days to spy out the land, "at the Lord's command," (Numbers 13:3), then...

  especially 460 or 461 464 465 466


What the day-count figures mean:
(Answered concisely)

  1. The day counts of 420/1 and and 460/1 represent dates. They signify 390 and 430 years to AD 30---the death of Christ. (AD 420 less 390, and AD 460 less 430, both equal AD 30). These are the same numbers used in Ezekiel 4, which in turn were based upon these very same events! God told Ezekiel to symbolically besiege Jerusalem 390 + 40 days, Bible-Prophecy of the Babylonians that were to besiege the city 7 years later; however, the language of the prophesy of "bearing the sins of the nation of Judah (and Israel) 390 + 40 days" ("a day for each year of their sin"), clearly has its final fulfillment in the death of Christ, "who bore the sins of the world," (cf., Deuteronomy 1:9-12; Ezekiel 4; Isaiah 53:12; 1Pet. 2:24).

  2. The AD 425 Pentecost entry is 430 day/years to the AD 6 conception of Christ, and is 2300 day/years (Daniel 8:14) from the 1876 BC entry into Egypt. Hence, this 2300 is bracketed by two 430's, with 4 x 360 in the middle; the whole of which is divided at 1150 days/years on 726 (725) BC, the start of the siege of Samaria, capital of Israel. This siege marked the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel. (Note: Many scholars divide Daniels' "2300" in half just as his "seven years" is divided into two "3-year" periods. See "point 3".)

    Entry into Egypt from Canaan Exodus out of Egypt Siege and exile of Israel Birth of Jesus
    (Flight from Egypt)

     "Out of Egypt I called my son," (Matt. 2:15)

    Symbolic date of intended entry into Canaan
    1876 BC 1446 BC 725 BC 6 BC  AD 425
    2300 years
    1150 1150
    430 360 + 360 360 + 360 430

  3. Amazingly, the above pattern is fully repeated again except using the 7-year period of Daniel rather than his 2300 days. From when Abraham entered Canaan in 2091 BC, until AD 460, are 1260 + 1290 day/years, (symbolic of 7 normal years of as many days, or, 3-years + 3-years; Daniel 12:11; Revelation 11:2). As said, Daniels' seven years, like the 2300, is likewise divided in the middle---here as 1260/1290 + 1290 at 801 BC. Once again, notice the outer bracketing of the 430's. (For details to this pattern, please see "Second Key Concept.)

    Abram enters Canaan Entry into Egypt (LXX)1. Symbolic siege date of Jerusalem  Passover death of Jesus
    (exodus from this world)
    Symbolic date of intended entry into Canaan
    2091 BC 1661 BC 801 BC AD 30  AD 460
    1290 + 1260 day/years
     (seven years of years)
    1290 1260
    430 430 + 430 430 + 400 430
    • [Also note the 1290 + 1290 day/years to the symbolic day/year date of AD 490, (i.e., the actual failed entry date into Canaan) rather than the intended 460 we are here addressing; both can signify a 7-year period with the Bible-Prophecy 360-day calendar. (1290 x 2 is also 6 x 430). Moreover, both AD 460 and AD 490 have the outer brackets of 430 as did the 2300 we looked at in point 2.

    Differences in Tables are in Red

    Abram enters Canaan Entry into Egypt (LXX)1. Symbolic siege date of Jerusalem  Paul bound
     and sent to Rome
    Symbolic date of attempted entry into Canaan
    2091 BC 1661 BC 801 BC AD 60  AD 490
    1290 + 1290 day/years
    (seven years of years)
    1290 1290
    430 430 + 430 430 + 430 430


  4. This one will require more thought: When viewing AD 30 (death of Christ) in the "mirror," it becomes 30 BC. The AD 421- 425 and AD 461- 465 symbolic dates of the arrival at the border of Canaan and entry (along with its 40 days), are 490 day/years (Daniel 9:20-27) to 66- 70 BC and 26- 30 BC, which is the mirror of the ministry and death of Christ, and of the siege and fall of Jerusalem 40 years later. Moreover, 425/6 and 465/6 are part of the 490-year (and 49-year) continuum of Jubilees from the Exodus and the Canaan Entry of 1446 and 1406 BC. Hence, the day of Pentecost (the 49th day from Passover/First fruits) becomes a symbolic part of the cycle of jubilees, since this '49' (AD 376 to 425,) is in alignment with the 49-year/(day) cycle of jubilees from the Entry into Canaan; and, so likewise is the Pentecost of a year earlier, that is, when the Law was given, (i.e., AD 16 to 65).

    To appreciate all that has been said, use your calculator and keep subtracting 490 from 1446/5 and 1406/5 BC, keeping in mind that BC can be AD. Keep a look-out for the dates in the top table, and remember that Pentecost is 49 days from Firstfruits, and is also in synchronization with the ongoing 49-year jubilee cycles (when using this symbolic dating method).


  1. The siege of Samaria began in aut. of  725 BC, and is thus, technically, 1151 day/years from 1876 BC and 1149 until the symbolic date of the intended entry into Canaan. However, for arguments sake, all dates can reasonable be read up one year to keep the alignment perfect as seen in the following chart.

    Entry into Egypt from Canaan Exodus out of Egypt Siege and exile of Israel Birth of Jesus
    (Flight from Egypt)

     "Out of Egypt I called my son," ( Matt. 2:15)

    Symbolic date of intended entry into Canaan
    + 1 year

    Middle of 7-years famine of Joseph. Gentiles bow to Joseph (Genesis 47:18)

    + 1 year

    God intended Israel to enter Canaan this year
    (Numbers 1)

    + 1 year

    The same as above: Christ was born in 6 or 5 BC

    + 1 year

    Intended conquest of Canaan would have begun

    1875 BC 1445 BC 725 BC 5 BC  AD 426
    2300 years
    1150 1150
    430 360 + 360 360 + 360 430

  2. According to the Samaritan Pentateuch and the Septuagint (Greek) version (LXX) of the Hebrew Bible, and also endorsed by the New Testament (Exodus 12:40 [SP, LXX]; Gal. 3:17), the Israelite stay "in Egypt and Canaan" was 430 years, with the remarkable effect of dividing the 430 in half, (i.e., 215 years in Canaan and 215 years in Egypt). The original Hebrew, however, has 215 in Canaan and 430 "in Egypt," (Exodus 12:40). Hence, the entry date into Egypt according to the LXX is 1661 BC---215 years before the Exodus in 1446 BC, whereas, the Hebrew has 1876 BC.



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