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Purpose and Scope

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The PURPOSE for writing this book is not to entertain the careless, nor for predicting the future. Bible prophecy numbers are primarily meant to demonstrate that Jesus Christ is the one and only messiah. And, secondarily, prophecy numbers are God's response to the age-old martyrs cry of "How long?" 'How long shall my trial last?' (Revelation 6:9-11).{1}


By super-abundantly exalting the SCOPE and magnitude of these numeric patterns, the Spirit has deliberately placed them far out of the reach of honest men who might otherwise innocently attempt to predict the future with them. For honest men must conclude that, "His paths are past finding out," (Rom.11:33).


It is important that you read the chapters in sequence since there is a building of one brick upon another with increasing glory. For when properly understood, bible prophecy numbers reveal the dimensions of "both the goodness and severity of God," (Rom. 11:22). Its "breadth, and length, and depth, and height," (Eph. 3:18).


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{1} Just as the timing and nature of the first coming of Christ was misunderstood by the people of that day (John 7), so it shall be again before His Second Coming, to the likely bewilderment of that future end-time people. For this cause, enlightenment is given at this time––so as to supply that future end-time-tribulation-people with a thorough understanding of the many complex time-frames possible, destined to emerge at that time, so that they may have faith and hope to endure it. For by recognizing the various time-periods and patterns in history, this future end-time people will be better equipped to correctly (but never perfectly) apply that knowledge to their own unfolding trial.

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