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The 360-day Calendar
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It is commonly supposed that the ancient 360-day calendar is hopelessly inaccurate. After all, has not modern science shown the number of days in a year to be 365.2422 days, and not 360? However, such reasoning lacks understanding as to how all calendars work. All calendars insert leap-days or leap-months to nudge the 'normal' year closer to the exact 365.2422 year, otherwise before long the months on the calendar would be out of synchronization with the seasons of the year. (This was a big problem in the ancient world.)

For instance: In our modern calendar, a 'normal' year has 365 days, with every 4th year having 366 days. In the modern Hebrew calendar, a 'normal' year has 354 days, but upon every 2 or 3 years a leap month is added with 384 days in that year. Likewise, the 'normal' 360-day year of the Bible-Prophecy Calendar adds a 30-day leap month at regular intervals, with that year having 390 days. 


Hebrew and 360 Calendars Compared
(Note: the bible uses both)
Hebrew luni-solar calendar 360-day calendar of prophets
354 days in non-leap month year of 12 months 360 days in non-leap month year of 12 months
384 days in a leap-month year of 13 months 390 days in a leap-month year of 13 months


The 360 calendar of the prophets is supreme over all calendars as it spans and divides time into biblical generations of 40 and 100 years, and biblical ages of 4000 and 100000 years; with the biblical principle of a 7th-day rest woven throughout. Moreover, the constant use of multiples of 360 years in keeping with 360 days enforces the biblical concepts that, "a day is as a year," and also, "a thousand years is as a day." 


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