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("Major events interconnect by both day and year")

(Also see "Each day equals a consecutive year/date of time".)


By comparing the above two examples, one will notice that days and years of equal value are intersecting one another like a small wheel within a large. (That is, the "430 + 430 x 2 = 1290 years" in example one, is repeated in days in example two). Furthermore, these "wheels" run along a specific track once the day-count "date" is determined. (See "First Key Concept"). The result is that symbolic time runs smoothly into real time!


Symbolic dates (See First Key Concept): 

a) The arrival at Mount Sinai is assigned the symbolic date of AD 60, (since it is the 60th day of the year), and the judgment to wander 40-years in the wilderness is set at AD 490

b) The start of the siege of Jerusalem is 801 BC (since it is 800 days before the New Year) with the first exile to arrive after the fall of Jerusalem arriving on the 275th day of year, hence, AD 275, (Ezekiel 33:21).


Literal dates: 

2091 BC, 1876 BC (1661 BC LXX), 1446 BC, 586 BC, and AD 60 is, respectively, when Abraham leaves Babylon, Israel enters Egypt, (also LXX), the Exodus from Egypt, Israel goes back into Egypt and Babylon, and the Apostle Paul sent a prisoner to Rome (end of the Book of Acts).  

Both the above symbolic and literal dates run along the 430-year 'tract' (or half that, i.e., 215), that is, all of the above 10 dates are a multiple of 215 years apart, and all carry a similar theme of exile or pilgrimage.

All these dates, including the symbolic ones, are all 430, or half that, (215) days/years, apart! Furthermore, they range at 1290 x 2 day/years! (2091 BC + 1290 years = 801 BC, + 1290 years = AD 490.) 


2091 BC 1876 BC 1661 BC 1446 BC 801 BC 586 BC AD 60 AD 275 AD 490

1290 years
 (Each a multiple of 215 years apart)


To this we can add the Apostle Paul's trip to Rome in AD 60 since it is in alignment with the 430's. His arrest on Pentecost that led to his trip bound and shaven to Rome, and his shipwreck on the way to Rome are symbolically 1016 BC and 156 BC respectively, (cf., Ezekiel 4:8, 5:1 with Acts 21:17-33; Acts 27).

The "mirror" further enlarges this pattern with the symbolic date 705 (for the start of Josephs' 7-year famine in 1876 BC); and 1995 and 2425 for the start and finish of Ezekiel's symbolic 430-day siege of Jerusalem that he did seven literal years before the actual fall of Jerusalem literally in 586 BC., (Ezekiel 4). And this leads us to the Third Key Concept we must learn to grasp the rhyme and reason for the numbers in the bible. This third key is most important since it fixes the birth of Jesus the Messiah as the center of time, for no other point in time creates the mirror---and the mirror is seen at every angle. 

It is important to realize that the above 9 symbolic dates (1016, 801, 156 BC, AD 60, 275, 490; mirror 705, 1995, 2425) represent virtually all the pertinent sub-dates that comprise each major event recorded in the bible, (i.e., the major events, literally speaking, of 2091, 1876, 1661, 1446, 586 BC, AD 60). Hence, these symbolic and literal dates run along the same track of time because they were created by God to so, and not because someone selected them out of a huge pool of numbers/dates. The remaining few dates that do not fit into this particular pattern do fit into other patterns to do with the 360, 430, or 490 intervals. This was simply but one of many such patterns we could have looked at by way of example.

The observant will notice that the total 1290 days is broken down into two distinct ways, both are familiar to the Bible-Prophecy numbers. First, the more obvious 430 x 3 (and its individual parts that we cannot show at this time, Ezekiel 4), and then the "time" (360 days) of the "time, times, and a half-a-time," of the 1260/1290 day, 3-year period, Daniel 12; Revelation 12. Joseph's seven-year famine at the time of the Entry into Egypt (1878-1871 BC---see top of chart) figures into this equation as well, but we leave this unexplained for now so as to avoid excess complexity.



(Please note that there is no such thing as year '0;' 
therefore, one must add a year when crossing over from BC to AD.)

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(Also see "Each day equals a consecutive year/date of time".)

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