How the exact date when Israel  became a nation 

was prophesied in the Bible!


(And, Seven-years of years exactly from Ezekiel's call 
to Israel becoming a nation


573 BC Nisan 10, plus 1260 + 1260  years 
= AD 1948 Pentecost


May 14, 1948
 (Midnight, Iyar 6)
(But, 'Pentecost' on 360 Calendar)


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From the date when Ezekiel measured the visionary temple in Ezekiel 40 unto 1948 when Israel became a nation again are 1260 plus 1260 years.

573 BC Nisan 10, plus 1260-times-two years 
= AD 1948 Pentecost



Que. Is there further time frames involved with this prophecy about Israel becoming a nation on Pentecost, 1948?

Ans. Much in everyway!

For example, exactly seven-years after 1948 (and thus exactly 1260 years times-two plus 1260 days times-two after the measuring of the temple in Ezekiel 40) was 480 x 7 years after they entered the promised land in 1406 BC, Nisan 10. 

(Nisan 10, 1406 BC plus 480 x 7 = Nisan 10, 1955, less seven years = 1948.) 


The number 480 is highly important for many reasons. For one thing it is 12 generations of 40 years, and the number 12 speaks of the 12 tribes of Israel. Recall that they were in the desert 40 years as well between 1446 and 1406 BC. (Note in 1Kings 6:1 the '480 years' to Solomon's temple spanning from the exodus when the tabernacle of Moses was built. Hence, the same theme of the temple/tabernacle construction again! The tabernacle itself used the measurement of cloth of 1260 square cubits for the Most Holy Place and anther 1260 for the Holy Place. Hence, the tabernacle used the same 1260 plus 1260  in its measurements --- the same numbers that John used in Rev. 12, which in turn was based upon Ezekiel 40. This is another reason why it is highly significant that there are 1260 years times-two between Ezekiel's measuring of the temple and Israel again a nation in 1948.) 

Another reason why 480 years is significant is that there elapses exact 1260-times-two  days of leap months in any given 480-year period! (There are seven leap-months every 40-year period, and thus every 12 periods of 40 years [equally 480] there are 12 x 7 months of 30 days, or 1260 x 2 days, or 84 months.) This means that over the full seven times cycles of 480-years there elapsed seven times seven years of accumulated leap months, with the last seven spanning exactly between the said 1948 Nisan 10 and 1955 Nisan 10. Moreover, 1260 days less Nisan 10 brings us to Tishri 10, which is the day of Atonement, and the day of jubilee that occurs every seven times seven years, which began when Israel entered the promised land! See for more.) 


(Seven-years of years exactly from Ezekiel's call to Israel becoming a nation)

Que. But what happened during this seven years between when Israel became a nation in 1948 until 1955? 

Ans. It is not what happened, but what could have happened. It could have been the seven years of Ezekiel 38 that we have already spoken of. If God had allowed the Russian invasion to have occurred the day Israel became a nation then that seven-year period would have terminated Nisan 10 or Pentecost 1955. Remember, it is miraculous that the Arabs did not defeat during that war that erupted Pentecost 1948, the day Israel became a nation. But all the prophecies were not quite aligned so here we are again experiencing another delay until the end of the age until when Jesus returns as King of kings and Lord of lords. But we can look at what was almost and observe the time frame that almost was and better understand what will yet be in our future.

This is made absolutely sure when one counts 1270 + 1270 years from the seven years of Ezekiel. (See chart. Note that 593 - 586 BC plus 1270 + 1270 years spans to AD 1948-1995.) Let me explain:

Ezekiel received his call on "the 4th month, the 5th day", in 593 BC (Ezek. 1). At this time he was told to lay on his side 390 days "to bear the sins of the house of Israel", "a day for each year of their sin". This was 20 years before his temple vision in 573 BC. Therefore, from 573 BC to AD 1948 are 1260 + 1260 years, but from 593 BC to AD 1948 are 1270 + 1270 years, (or 1270 + 1269 from 592, that is, from the end of Ezekiel's symbolic siege. Seven years can span either one). It happens that a seven-year period using the regular Jewish calendar spans just this, 1270 + 1270 days. (On some occasions it spans 29 more days.) Thus, 1270 + 1270 days represents the same in years, as God said to Ezekiel, "A day for each year of their sin". 

What is more, Ezekiel's symbolic siege in 593 BC spanned exactly seven years (exactly 1270 + 1270 days) unto its fulfillment with the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586 BC. "1270 + 1270", is the same length of time as above, except in days. Thus, the "1270 + 1270 days" was a prediction that the birth of the nation of Israel would occur that same length of time in the future, except in years, "a day for each year" as God had said, (Ezek. 1-4). (Note: using the rounded 360 calendar as seen in the chart, the sieges span 1260 + 1260/1290 days.) 

But what is most remarkable is that Israel became a nation, as said, on Pentecost (on the 360 calendar), that is, the 3rd month, the 5th day. It just so happens that the 360 calendar has a 30-day variance, so that May 14th ending, 1948 (when Israel became a nation) is also the "4th month, the 5th day." (See 360 calendar website for the table listing the New Years on the 360 calendar, and the note about the 30-day variance.) This is the anniversary of the very same day that Ezekiel received his calling "in the 30th year of his life", (Ezek. 1:1-2). In other words, from the exact day that Ezekiel received his calling concerning the coming fall of Jerusalem 1270 + 1269 days later, until Israel became a nation, are exactly that in years, 1270 + 1269 years --- to the very day!!! 

For more information, please compare all this with the documents that concern the seven years of Ezekiel's sieges. It will explain the rest. (Also see above right chart). Keep in mind that what holds true in that document (and in the chart) using the 360-day year (so that seven years spans 1260 + 1290 days, etc.), is still true except using the literal number of days, which was 1270 + 1269 days -- that uses the actual Jewish calendar, not the 360 prophetic calendar. God uses both calendars as double witness to his sovereignty. 

(Note: the 1967 War that saw the rest of Jerusalem, and temple mount, fall into Israel's hands also began on Pentecost. See earlier note. And 1967 was 1270 + 1269 years from Ezekiel's vision of the temple in 573 BC!)


Que. Are there further time frames involved with this prophecy?

Ans. Much in everyway!

The exodus of 1446 BC to 1955 is 85 generations of 40 years, and equals 3400 years. The inverse is 4300 years, and Israel was 430 years in Egypt. But before you turn aside and think that this is just a coincidence note that there are 840 years from 1406 to the seven-years after Ezekiel 40, which is the inverse of 480! And besides that, there are 3.5 (half-seven) half-seven year periods of leap months accumulated during a span of 840 years! (3.5 x 3.5 years accumulated in leap months every 840 years.)


Que. Are there further time frames involved with this prophecy?

Ans. Much in everyway!

Every day has a symbolic date attached to it and symbolic date is forwarded every 40 years. It begins at the exodus since that was the New Year datum ordered by God to Moses in Ex. 1:1-3. I talk about this at this link so I do not want to repeat myself now as to how I am arriving at all this. But sufficient to say that it is consistent with the numerous other examples that have already been cited. We are using the same methodology and grid. (Note in the following verses that record the order to Moses of the new datum that the very first date mentioned here is again Nisan 10th!) 

Exodus 12:1-2 And Jehovah spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

Exodus 12:3 Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to their fathers' houses, a lamb for a household:


1446 BC Nisan 1st represents symbolic AD1, Nisan 10th thus equals symbolic AD 10, etc. 

The pattern is forward generation by generation of 40 year periods, thus in 1955 Nisan 1 likewise symbolizes AD 1, etc., since it is 85 times 40 years after the said exodus in 1446 BC. (Since the difference between Ezekiel 40 (573 BC) and 1948 are 1260 years times-two, thus both 573 BC and AD 1948 will have the same symbolic date-years since 1260 years times-two is divisible by 40 years.)

Pentecost in AD 1955 is the 65th day of the year and thus represents the symbolic date of AD 65 (as it did in 1446 BC). Thus, since Israel became a nation 1260 day + 1260 days earlier thus to compute what is the symbolic date for when Israel became a nation we simply subtract 1260 days times-two (called 'day-years in this case). However, things are not quite so simple (but are more glorious!). First, a quick review of a 40-year cycle and how its leap months are inserted.



The 40-year Cycle of the 360 Bible-Prophecy Calendar

1st leap-month
2nd leap-month
3rd leap-month
4th leap-month
5th leap-month
6th leap-month
7th leap-month
at end of 6-years 6-years 6-years 6-years 6-years 6-years 4-years
2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 1,470 days
40 years of 14,610 days

14,610 days = 365.25 days x 40 years 


Thus, the 6th cycle of 6 years is followed by a 7th cycle only 4 years long---for a total of 40 years, (a "generation" in the bible). (6 x 6 = 36 years, + 4 years = 40 years.) The effect is to place emphasis upon the 6th and 7th cycle since the 6th cycle of 6 years precedes the special seventh cycle of only 4 years, which in turn concludes the 40-year cycle. 


Notice that the last seven years of the above 40-year cycles will have two leap months added during that time. Hence, that seven-year period lasts 1290 + 1290 days rather than 1260 plus 1260  days. (This is the meaning of the "1290" of Daniel 12 as contrasted to the "1260" days of Revelation 12:6.) 

Thus we must subtract 1290 + 1290 days from the symbolic AD 65 (which is literal Pentecost, AD 1955). 

AD 65 less 1290 + 1290 days (seven years) = 2516 BC on literal May 15, 1948.



It is interesting that AD 10 of literal Nisan 10, 1955 is as AD 10,  and if that figure is put back just the 1260 days times-two as per the missing leap months spoken of earlier than we arrive at 2511 BC. This brings the 2516 and 2511 together thus joining the Pentecost with Nisan 10 in yet one more way! But I do not want to complicate things more than they already are so we will stick with years that have been adjusted by leap months as explained at


So what does 2516 BC signify?

2516 BC is 1260-times-two  days/years to AD 5.

What is AD 5?

It is the mirror of 5 BC, which is the birth of Christ. (The concept of the mirror is consistent and can be proven to exist. Click here for clear examples.) 

Thus there are 1260 years times-two plus 1260-times-two  days/years to AD 5, which is the mirror of the birth of Christ. This agrees with Revelation 12 which also connect the 1260 days with the birth of Christ.

Rev 12:4 With his tail he dragged a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down to the earth. He stood in front of the woman, in order to eat her child as soon as it was born.

Rev 12:5 Then she gave birth to a son, who will rule over all nations with an iron rod. But the child was snatched away and taken to God and his throne.

Rev 12:6 The woman fled to the desert, to a place God had prepared for her, where she will be taken care of for 1260 days.


Another proof that AD 5 symbolizes the 5 BC birth of Christ as in a mirror is that fact that Ezekiel 38 speaks about the weapons being burned for seven years. (That is 1260-times-two  days or 1290 plus 1290 days too, as already explained.)

Ezekiel says that at the beginning of this seven-years from Russian and her hoards are defeated that there are "seven months" spent burying the dead. Seven months is 210 days.

Hence, 2516 BC (the Russian war) plus 210 days equals 2306 BC to complete the burying of the dead. And 2306 BC is 2300 day/years to 6 BC, the conception of Christ! Now, 2300 means same thing as 1260 days times-two  or 1290 + 1290 days, that is, a time of desolation. The time frame of 2300 days can be found in the book of Daniel 8, and parallels the 1290 of Daniel 12 in meaning.

Thus, both the conception and birth of Christ are being emphasized here.

But more than that, the dates of 2516 BC and especially 2306 BC are running along the 430-year cycles. This is important since we have already seen that 1290 + 1290 is being used, and 1290 happens to be 430 x 3 days! (For the 430 see Ezekiel 4.) 

For example, 2306 BC plus 430 years = 1876 BC (when they entered Egypt 430 years), thus another 430 years = 1446 BC (the exodus). Then another 430 + 430 years more equals 586 BC, which is the fall of Jerusalem by Babylon and exile into the nations. The 210 days between 2516 and 2306 BC is essentially dividing the 430 in half, which is what occurs in real time. For example, 2516 BC plus 430 + 215 = 1871 BC, which is the end of the seven-years of Joseph's famine, and five years after Israel entered Egypt. 

Thus, the seven-years of symbolic dates here is pointing to the birth of Christ as its conclusion, which agrees with the 1260 of Revelation 12, which agrees with 'the measuring of the temple' as per Ezekiel 40 and Rev. 11, since Christ's birth is compared to God "tabernacling among us" and His body as being "the Temple." It also speaks of a new creation and a new age (i.e., a new birth) which shall come about at the end of the seven years of Ezekiel 38.

These dates, especially symbolic date 2516 BC, will tie into other events both past and future, and will take on new patterns no doubt when the Russian invasion finally comes, or some other event like the rebuilding of the temple that antichrist will sit himself in.

Here is another interesting feature of this date, 2516 BC. It is also 490 x 8 to AD 1405 (1406 BC is the entry into Egypt, and start of the jubilee cycles). It may have bearing in AD 2026 since AD 2026 plus 490 years is AD 2516, the mirror of 2516 BC. 

There is another pattern that shows how all these things come together, but it is hard to explain now. 


 Also see, "Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam,"  

and Israel was born as a nation in AD 1948. A coincidence?


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